Existing Process

LB Plastering provide commercial and residential plastering and fit-out solutions across Queensland. Prior to the development of JobTool, LB Plastering was managing quoting, job costs and staff hours in a physical diary. Due to their growth, the owner of the business was struggling to manage jobs from start to finish and things we’re getting missed. The biggest impact for the company was that they were unable to track job profitability.

Solution Developed

System8 worked with LB Plastering to develop JobTool, a full job management system that is simple to use. This has been so successful for our client, and they have received such positive feedback about the tool that we are now taking this solution to market.

  • Jobs to be quoted are added to the system.
  • Quotes are generated in the system and automatically emailed to the client.
  • Once a quote is approved it is moved into the live jobs area.
  • Throughout the job, staff or contactors log their hours and materials used from their phones.
  • At all times the administrator can see how the job profit is tracking.
  • On completion of the job the job can be invoiced straight from job tool or synced over to XERO for invoicing.
  • Admin can run staff hour reports, job reports and materials reports based on jobs, or time frames.
  • All jobs can be archived for suture reference.
Customer Feedback

I don’t know how I ran my business before JobTool. It is our one central system that manages all of our jobs from start to finish. Since implementing JobTool we have seen a 30% increase in profits. The fact that we can track job profitability allows us to make better decisions on future jobs. Our staff love that they can log their hours and materials from their phones and our accounts administrator can simply send out invoices as they sync over to our accounting program Xero.

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