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Existing Process

After working with many small business owners we started to see common problems that businesses in Australia are facing. Staff issues. When we investigated this further, we could see that it was not an issue with the staff themselves, but a training issue. We decided to develop a simple to use online training platform that would allow business owners to capture their processes, operations and resources and load these into one central location that staff could access any where any time.

Solution Developed

Training Tool is a simple to use online training operations platform designed for small to medium businesses.

  • Categories are created
  • Modules and sub modules are loaded
  • Resources are loaded (for example templates, scripts etc)
  • Training material is loaded to each sub module in the form of text, video, audio, presentations or images
  • Assessment can be assigned to each module
  • User groups are configured (e.g management, general staff)
  • User permissions are assigned
  • Users are set up
  • Staff can access the training tool from a PC, tablet or smart phone to complete training, check on a process or download a resource


Project Title
Training Tool

Project Type
Custom web solution